Who We Are

Our objective

Reducing travel expenses with efficient and deliberate tactics.

Global Audit started operations in 2010 and is legally established in Mexico as, “Auditorias de Calidad, S.C.” and in the United States as Global Audit, LLC.


Global Audit conducts audits internationally on behalf of our clients to support their compliance/conformity assurance efforts; we do this through our network competent and strategically localized auditors to reduce risks due to local safety conditions, compliance with immigration laws and the excessive overhead/travel expenses.

To this date, Global Audit has conducted more than 1,000 audits and counting!

Our philosophy

Global Audit’s sole purpose is to build trust in the supply chains through assuring compliance and conformity.

Our promise is to conduct insightful assessments that go beyond the checklist mentality and provide reliable information so they can make appropriate decisions through our professional service.